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Click here to go to a page dedicated to our Memorial.  We are Quite Proud of it! 

Veterans Day 2016

Our post was busy on Veterans Day, as it always is.  The Color Guard had several events in our  community. 

HyVee puts on a breakfast for all veterans and our color guard fires a volley.

 A smaller group of the color guard presented the colors at the opening of the Marion High Schol Veterans Day Assembly
The public and veterans were well represented.   Their orchestra and choir did a really good job.

At our Post, we served a lunch and had a volley fired in honor of the day, The Auxiliary and helpers prepared a great luch
and Brigadier General Randy Warm gave the presentaton.  We took pictures of our vets in attendance by era. 
First our Vets as that is what the day was all about.

Worl War II Veterans in attendance

Korean War veterans in attendance

VietNam War veterans in attendance

Pictures from our celebration.

Guest Speaker, BG Randy Warm
The Auxiliary and helpers
Commander Jim Crowley
Auxiliary President Jackie Tyne
BG Warm
The Color Guard frantically getting ready






Pictures from the National Commander Visit

Left to Right: Post Commander Dick Hogan, 2nd District Commander John Richardson, Post Adjutant Ron Tyne, National Vice-Commander Allen Davis, Department of Iowa Commander Jim Peterson,  Department Vice-Commander Mike Etzel, Post First Vice-Commander Andy Schmidt.

Left to Right: Unit Vice President Dawn Barnes, National Vice-Commander Allen Davis, Department of Iowa Commander Jim Peterson, Unit President Jackie Tyne

At the Post Memorial.  From Left to Right:  2nd District Commander John Richardson,  Department of Iowa Commander Jim Peterson, National Vice-Commander Allen Davis, National Executive Committee Member Bruce Feuerbach.

Admiring the display at the Marion Hertigae Building

Pictures from our Veterans Day Ceremony of the groups of Veterans in attendance.

Our WWII Era Veterans

Korean War Era

Vietnam War Era

Cold War and Persian Gulf wars

Other vets that were not present for the first pictures

One last vet present

Pictures from the past....  How things could still be done!!


Flag Day 6-14-91.  The flag was put up and music played most of the day and a ceremony was held at 5pm. At 6 pm everyone said the Pledge of Alleagence Other times when we had the big flag out in public.

Legion Birthday 2014


The 2013 Post Oratorical Contest was won by 14 year old Katarina Newcamp, a 9th grade student from Cedar Rapids Washington High School. Katarina chose to speak on our Constitutional rights and responsibility to vote. She is pictured here with her proud parents, American Legion Post 298 Commander Ron Dirks and Oratorical Chairperson Gerry Wegmann. She was presented with a check for $500 and the Oratorical Medal. She will now advance to the County contest as the representative of Marion American Legion Post 298.

Presentation of EIHQ quilts of valor to Jim Marten and Jean Sejkora. Jim's was give to him on 11-11-13 at Hiawatha Care Center. Jean's was given to her by Janice and Bob Berridge at her home. Both are long time members of Marion Post 298. The quilts were made by members of EIHQ quilt guilkd that meets at Marion Post 298 post home.

Veteran's Day 2013 Guest Speaker

Veteran's Day 2013 

Veteran's Day 2013 


2012-2013 was a great membership year.

Many, nice awards were given out at Convention.





Color Guard at Freedom Festival


     Memorial Day

     Memorial Day

     Memorial Day

     The annual American Flag Retirement program at Springville

      The annual American Flag Retirement program at Springville - 8 June

     The annual American Flag Retirement program at Springville - 8 June

     The annual American Flag Retirement program at Springville - 8 June

     Blue Star Marker Dedication in Robins Sat. June 1
Below are Pictures from our 2013 Legion Birthday Celebration.  


Some Random pictures

2012 Veteran's Day

2012 Veteran's Day

2012 Veteran's Day

20112 Veteran's Day

Korean War Thanks from Korea - Post Meeting

Donation to Our American Legion Baseball Team - Post Meeting

Riders presenting their 4th recognition plaque for Legacy Fund Donation over $2,000 - Post Meeting



The Post is sponsoring  a team for Legion Baseball in 2013.  In order to help defray costs, the Legion and the team put on a tenderloin fry - here are the team members that showed up to help!


Brenda Long has made cartridge bags to give to the relatives of our Legion Members at a military funeral.  At our April 2012 meeting she was gracious enough to attend so we could give her a more suitable thanks for her contributions over many years of faithful service.

Swamp Fox 2012 Color Guard

Pictures from Memorial Day 2012

Our Guest Speaker MSG Paul Ramisez

Our scholarship winner was Valerie Busse



12 October Flag Folding Demonstration 

Ted Rogers, Ms. Regina Wilkins, Gerry Wegmann, and Ron Dirks held a flag folding 
demonstration in Ms Wilkins 5th grade class at St. Josephs' School on 12 October, 2011.



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                We Shall Never Forget!



President Abraham Lincoln as stated in the Gettysburg Address

 "From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the 
last full measure of devotion - that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain."

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