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The American Legion Riders of Iowa, Marion Chapter 298

Chapter 298 officers for 2015

Director Bob Bales
Assistant Director Bob Guzman
Treasurer Roger Norfolk
Secretary/Historian Larry Rolfson
Chaplain Carilyn Morse
Road Captain Carl Kerschenske

Our meetings are the third Saturday of each month at 9 A.M. (Except in December)

The Marion American Legion Riders Chapter began in the summer of 2007.  

One of our stated goals is to ride in Rolling Thunder with as many members as we can.  Rolling Thunder XXIX "Ride for Freedom" is May 29, 2016.  I've been told that there were over 400,000 motorcycles in the Pentagon parking lot, the staging point before the ride through the capital.

Another goal is to help raise funds for the Legacy Scholarship.  The Legacy Scholarship Fund is an effort by the American Legion to help provide a college education for any child who's mother or father has died while on active duty since Sep 11th, 2001.  One of the Riders fundraising efforts is the annual Legacy Run which is open to anyone to ride.  The ride is from various points around the US to the National Convention.   The Marion Riders raised over two thousand dollars for each of the last 3 years!  For 2012, 6 of our 13 members rode from Niagara Falls to Indianapolis for this worthy cause.  In 2014 the route was from Indianapolis to Charlotte and 3 of us participated.  For 2015, the convention was in Baltimore, MD.  For 2016 the Ride wil go to Cincinatti, OH. The Ride is from Indianapolis, leaving on the 21st of August.

We are quite proud of what our little band has raised for the Legacy Scholarship Fund, especially when our maximum size was 33 and we normally number under 20.
2010     $2,218.00
2011       1,902.93
2012       2,768.43
2013       4,000.00
2014       3,600.00
2015       4,067.45

Total so far  $18,556.81



For pictures of some of our events, click here.

What we are is members of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion who also ride motorcycles.  We're not special and apart, just have something extra and use it to raise money for furthering the policies and publicizing the image of the American Legion.


We began as a Chapter In 2007.  This is the newsletter that has the details of our beginning.

Our Directors thus far are:

Bill Bickford

Aug 2007 -Dec 2008

Bob Bales

Jan 2009 - Dec 2010

Roger Norfolk

Jan 2011 - Dec 2012

Bob Bales

Jan 2013  - 


Where do I get the stuff?

We have found several things that help us along.  If you want to buy a leather vest,  is a good site and gives a discount if you use the Online Discount Code of 55632

When you go to buy your patches for your vest, they are only allowed if from Emblem Sales.  Here is the link to patches   The guidelines are pretty loose overall.  To hit the requirements, you need only a small American flag, that goes on the left front of the vest (Product Number 820.400 at a cost of $1.50 or so) and a big back patch.  Get the big back patch  (Product Number 720.402X) that allows printing underneath.  You would need to get the printing "Iowa Chapter"  and underneath that "Marion Post 298".   The headgear of choice is the beret (Product Number 705.301) but most don't have that.  We're not too crazy over hats, but would want them for ceremonial purposes.  A ball cap with the Rider patch would be accepted, and not many of us have that.

You should also have the Small Legion Rider Patch (Product Number 720.400X) with "Iowa Chapter" on it, on the front of your vest, under the flag - but this is an optional patch.  Don't get too hung up on placement.  You can add patches to your heart's delight with just a couple bits of reason.  
1.  We honor the Flag, so it shouldn't be under another patch - should have parity in placement or better.
2.  We have some class so nothing profane of offensive.

Many of us also have joined the Patriot Guard, and got that patch from their website 

If you need patches sewn on, many of us have places we go.  Contact me or any other Rider to see where we went.

Click Here to read the current American Legion Riders Bylaws.




Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.

                We Shall Never Forget!



President Abraham Lincoln as stated in the Gettysburg Address

 "From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the 
last full measure of devotion - that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain."

09 February, 2016   Last update